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Even before obtaining my DNSEP, at the Villa Arson in Nice in 1991, I put myself at the service of the artists I met there and with whom I could sense some affinities.

Necessity making the laws that we know, I was able to gradually broaden the scope of my skills in terms of technical services for contemporary art, by assuming in turn the responsibilities of exhibition organizer, manager or technical director. Exclusively at the service of contemporary art, and for all public or private formats that it is possible to imagine.

My relationship with art, which also involves the development of my work as an artist, is realized noticeably in the shadow of the aforementioned roles, and which willingly takes up aesthetic, artistic and social considerations which make life more interesting than art without which it would be a very dreary plain. It is these attentions that led me to develop specific teaching formats and to formulate proposals for unique exhibitions.

I was born in 1965 in Paris.

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