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The program used to support communication. It consists of an application and a server part.When the application is executed, the server code is not displayed in the tool bar. It can be accessed via the application menu.The application menu consists of the following entries:1. Connection2. Receive3. Send4. RemoveThe connection entry is used to establish a connection to the VisiCut server. This connection is configured in the server code.The connection entry is followed by an opened directory in which the data received from VisiCam Activation Code is stored.The receive entry is used to send the captured images to VisiCut instances. For this purpose, the cameras must be in the same network as the VisiCut server. If the number of cameras is greater than the number of VisiCut instances, the images are received by the instances according to the predefined order.The send entry is used to send images via the network to the VisiCut instances.The remove entry is used to delete the received images.Example (receive images from a camera):Connect to the VisiCut server and open the directory named VisicutReceive.Click on the Receive button in the application menu.Select a camera. In this example, the webcam.Click on the Send button.The program displays a message informing that a file named VisiCam.exe has been created in the directory named VisicutReceive.The next step is to send the captured images. The correct order of sending the images can be defined in the server code.The first image is displayed in VisiCut. Click on the Cucut button to switch to the Cucut screen and crop the captured image.It is possible to resize the captured image using the zoom buttons.The next step is to crop the image with a predefined marker.The text message must be selected from the predefined markers. In this example, the ‘Text 1’ marker is selected.A text box appears in the application window with the text ‘Text 1’, next to a red cross mark.A cross mark appears in the resized image.An example (send images to a camera):Enter a camera name. In this example, the webcam is named ‘camera1 08929e5ed8

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